A real pit fall!

We tried to upload a picture of an Xbox360 game bundle,but I’m sure you know what they look like. Beware,the one we are looking at is a time bomb ready to hurt someone!!!!

In this economic climate and at this time of year every parent begins to think about”what can I do for my children”. Well,a national lease to own retailer has the answer. Although you cannot afford a large cash outlay for a game bundle,they will help you fulfill your childs dream. For a mere $15 a week they will tie you into a “lease -to-own” contract over a period of two years before you own it.The idea is that you will purchase this on payments. NOW,HERE’S THE BOMB——— this same bundle that sells at other high end retailers for less than $450 tax in,will only cost you $1560 thru this lease to own firm.Now here is the real topper,this firm also runs a financial service where you can borrow money for a small A.P.R of 46.5%. If you were to borrow cash from thier financial arm, you could buy the same bundle for under $625.

Be sure to read all print even if you have to buy a magnifying glass to do so!!!!


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