Mission Statement?

I started this blog out of frustration about the dealings by retailers and our governments.

some of them are questionable at best and border on illegal at worst.

While I was An ivalid due to surgery, I had no choice but to watch more television and read more papers than I ever have. What I saw and read was frightening!!!!

I sat down to start this blog to try and high-lite the worst issues and stumbled thru a couple of blogs only to realize that this was so this was so prevasive that I reached out for help.

We now consist of 6 people covering a wide range of lifestyles. We are all retired!!

We cover a span from a retired judge to a retired railway worker.

We sit down and look at issues that we feel that could affect the public in adverse ways.

And the results and costs of such effects.

A backward start ,but we vow to strive to make this a site that you will want to come back to. 


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